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Wheel Alignment & Tracking Corsham

S & K Autos is a family run, independent Bosch Car Service Centre serving Corsham, Chippenham, Box, Melksham and the surrounding area since 1980.

  • We are able to carry out laser 4 wheel alignment and/or tracking on any car or light commercial vehicle.
  • We have the latest Super-Tracker equipment and highly trained technicians, allowing us to accurately check and adjust front and rear wheel alignment.
  • Wheel alignment and/or tracking consists of adjusting the angles of the wheels for the purpose of preventing uneven tyre wear, ensuring correct handling and that the vehicle is not pulling to one side.
  • The wheel alignment settings are predetermined by the vehicle manufacturer.

Tracking or Laser 4 Wheel Alignment

  • A tracking check is sufficient if there is uneven tyre wear on both front tyres, on both inner or both outer edges only.
  • We recommend a laser 4 wheel alignment check, if there is uneven wear to front and rear tyres, uneven wear to rear tyres, or uneven wear to one tyre, or the steering wheel is not centralised when driving in a straight line.

What is Tracking?

  • Tracking is the alignment of 2 wheels on the same axle for toe in/out only.
  •  Toe represents the angle derived from pointing the wheels inward or outward from a top down view.  Just as the name suggests, imagine a pair of wheels (front or rear) as a pair of feet.  When you turn your toes inward and your heels out, this is what is known as toe in.  When this happens it causes wear on the outside edges of the tyres.  The opposite (toe out) would cause wear on the inside edges.
  • The vehicle’s ‘toe’ is the most crucial alignment setting relative to tyre wear.
  • If the toe setting is just 1mm off its appropriate setting, each tyre on that axle will scrub approximately 1 meter sideways for every mile travelled, therefore reducing tyre life.

When should Wheel Alignment & Tracking be checked?


  • It is advisable to have the wheel alignment/tracking checked if you feel that your vehicle is starting to wear tyres unevenly, if the vehicle is pulling to one side and not driving straight, or if there has been an incident where there has been an impact to the wheels or suspension.
  • We always check the tracking of a vehicle on a full service and also if we replace a steering or suspension component.

What is Laser 4 Wheel Alignment?

  • To check and adjust if necessary the alignment of all 4 wheels, both individually and in relation to each other, to include toe in/out, camber, set back, thrust angle and centralisation of steering wheel.
  • Laser 4 wheel alignment checks up to 14 angles of alignment on the vehicle
  • After completing the laser 4 wheel alignment test, you will be given a detailed report, this includes manufacturers’ tolerances, alignment before adjustments and after.

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At S & K Autos our reputation is built on trust and honesty and we recently became the most highly recommended independent garage in the country through Which? Local – something of which we are immensely proud. We have a good relationship with our many satisfied customers, which is founded on our core values of excellence, commitment, honesty and keeping our customers’ best interests at the forefront of everything we do.

Our aim is to offer you the best possible service, advice and peace of mind when you entrust your car to us.

For your convenience we offer:-

  • Free courtesy cars, or free collection and delivery*.
  • A clear, detailed invoice and explanation of all work carried out.
  • To keep the parts removed from your vehicle for you to see.

We will not undertake work without your approval and we maintain very competitive rates on both labour and parts.

Our technical staff answer the phones and are always available to discuss your requirements and offer the best advice.  If you’ve not used us before, then why not contact us and find out why we have built such a good reputation?

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