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Corsham Clutch Replacement

Corsham Clutch Replacement – S & K Autos is a family run, independent Bosch Car Service Centre serving Corsham, Chippenham, Box, Melksham and the surrounding area since 1980.

  • We are fully equipped and all our highly skilled technicians can replace a clutch on any make and model of car or light commercial vehicle.
  • This year we have carried out the clutch replacement of units on cars ranging from a Citroen C1 to a Ferrari F355.
Clutch Replacement
  • We have the latest computerised diagnostic equipment.
  • Unlike most garages, we do not need to subcontract electrical work to a mobile ‘auto-electrician’ –  this can result in considerable savings to our customers in both money and the time the vehicle is off the road awaiting repair.
  • At S & K Autos we are able to diagnose faults in the following systems, including but not limited to:-
    • Starting
    • Electric windows
    • Battery charging
    • Windscreen wipers and wash system
    • Battery discharging
    • Lighting
    • Central locking
    • Electrical circuit and component testing

Corsham Clutch Replacement – Common Clutch Faults

  • One of the most common faults with a clutch is that the friction material of the clutch plate wears. The clutch plate transfers the drive/power from the engine to the gearbox/transmission, when the plate wears it will not transmit enough power from the engine to the gearbox/transmission. This is what is often referred to as “clutch slip”, when the engine revs excessively but the vehicle doesn’t accelerate as it should, even with the clutch engaged.
  • The clutch not releasing properly is another common fault, this can cause grinding of the gears, difficulty selecting gears, or even complete prevention of gear selection.

Corsham Clutch Replacement – Some possible causes are:-

  • Broken or stretched clutch cable
  • Leaking or defective clutch master and/or slave cylinders
  • Fractured or weak clutch pressure plate diaphragm
  • Air in the hydraulic system
  • Another fault is a worn clutch release bearing, which causes a rumbling sound when the clutch pedal is depressed.

What is a clutch?

  • The clutch is a mechanical component that transmits engine power to the gearbox/transmission.
  • It allows power to be interrupted when gears are changed whilst the vehicle is moving and whilst a gear is selected before moving off.
  • It also allows slip by a controlled amount when the clutch pedal is partially depressed, allowing the drive to be taken up smoothly.

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At S & K Autos our reputation is built on trust and honesty and we recently became the most highly recommended independent garage in the country through Which? Local – something of which we are immensely proud. We have a good relationship with our many satisfied customers, which is founded on our core values of excellence, commitment, honesty and keeping our customers’ best interests at the forefront of everything we do.

Our aim is to offer you the best possible service, advice and peace of mind when you entrust your car to us.

For your convenience we offer:-

  • Free courtesy cars, or free collection and delivery*.
  • A clear, detailed invoice and explanation of all work carried out.
  • To keep the parts removed from your vehicle for you to see.

We will not undertake work without your approval and we maintain very competitive rates on both labour and parts.

Our technical staff answer the phones and are always available to discuss your requirements and offer the best advice.  If you’ve not used us before, then why not contact us and find out why we have built such a good reputation?

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