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Corsham Cam-Timing Belt

S & K Autos is a family run, independent Bosch Car Service Centre serving Corsham, Chippenham, Box, Melksham and the surrounding area since 1980.

At S & K Autos we have up to date information from the manufacturers to tell us when the camshaft drive belt (also known as cam or timing belt) is due for replacement. We also have all the necessary equipment and technical data to carry out cam belt replacements on all makes and models of vehicle.

Cam/Timing Belt

Corsham Cam-Timing Belt – Why Replace the Cam/Timing Belt?

  • There are no warning signs of a potential cam belt failure.
  • It is part of the routine maintenance on most vehicles.
  • Belt failure causes the vehicle to breakdown and results in extensive engine damage.
  • The cost of replacing the cam belt could be as little as 15% of the cost of a repair following a belt failure.
  • Belt failure can render older vehicles beyond economical repair.
  •  Every manufacturer specifies a different replacement interval for the cam belt, based on time and / or mileage covered.  It is vital to adhere to this recommendation in order to avoid the possibility of cam belt failure.
  • At S & K Autos we check the cam belt replacement interval at every service and advice our customers when the belt is next due for replacement, we also post a reminder to them.

Corsham Cam/Timing Belt – What happens if the Cam Belt fails?

  • The camshaft stops rotating before the crankshaft, causing the timing between the valve opening and piston stroke to go out of synchronisation.
  • Rising pistons collide with open valves.
  • Valves will be bent.
  • Damage may be caused to valve guides, camshafts and pistons.

Corsham Cam/Timing Belt – For the technically minded

  • At an engine speed of 3,000 rpm, the speed at which you normally change gear, each valve in the engine is opening and closing 25 times per second!
  • At an 800 rpm idle speed, the valves are opening and closing at over 6 times per second.
  • This is why damage is caused immediately the belt fails.

The Function of the Cam Belt

The camshaft drive belt, as the name suggests, drives the camshaft, which in turn is driven by the crankshaft, so that the correct valve opens in relation to the piston stroke at the correct time. The inlet valve will open allowing air and fuel into the combustion chamber of each cylinder, the burn / explosion then takes place in the cylinder creating power, then the exhaust valve will open allowing the spent gases to escape.

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