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Corsham Air Conditioning

Corsham Air Conditioning Service and Repair Specialists

Corsham Air Conditioning – S & K Autos is a family run, independent Bosch Car Service Centre serving Corsham, Chippenham, Box, Melksham and the surrounding area since 1980.

At S & K Autos we have been servicing and maintaining air conditioning systems for over 20 years.  We have made a significant investment into the purchase of specialist equipment which is not available in most garages that offer air conditioning servicing.

Why have your Air Conditioning Serviced?

On average around 10% of air conditioning gas escapes from the system every year, this causes:-

  • The system to become less effective.
  • The system to work much harder to keep the cabin cool.
  • The vehicle to use more fuel.
  • The system to run much hotter, causing potential damage.
  • Air to replace the leaking gas, causing internal corrosion.
  • Depletion of lubricating oil which is lost with the gas.

For these reasons we strongly recommend that the air conditioning system is serviced at least once in every four years to keep it operating efficiently and to prevent damage.

Service or just re-gas the Air Conditioning System?

We strongly recommend that you have your air conditioning serviced and not just re-gassed because:-

  • There may be a very small leak in the system, which could only be found by using our specialist air conditioning gas identifier.
  • If there is a small leak, the cost of a re-gas is wasted as the new gas will leak out very quickly.
  • We will inform you before proceeding with the service, if we find a leak.
  • We carry out a very detailed pressure analysis to ensure the system is operating correctly and there are no long term underlying faults.
  • This is the most cost effective way to maintain an air conditioning system.

 What we include in our Air Conditioning Service!

  • Initial system test.
  • Check system components i.e. hoses, pipes and belts.
  • Visual check for leaks.
  • Analyse gas in system to check for leaks, as there is no point servicing/regassing a system with a leak.
  • Remove gas and oil.
  • Vacuum system for a minimum of 20 minutes to remove moisture.
  • Add UV dye to aid future leak detection.
  • Add new lubricating oil.
  • Add air conditioning gas to manufacturer’s specification.
  • Check system pressures, with and without cooling fan operation.
  • Dashboard delivery temperature measured and compared to ambient temperature.
  • Report sheet showing service results, including recommendations and observations.

Finding a Leak

At S & K Autos we have the very latest equipment for leak detection, by filling the system with a high pressure gas mix of nitrogen and hydrogen and using a specialist hydrogen detector.  This method is proven to be extremely reliable at detecting microscopic leaks, as hydrogen molecules are the smallest naturally occurring particles and escape from even the smallest leaks which conventional equipment is unable to detect.

Air Conditioning

When to use Air Conditioning

Many people only use the air conditioning in their vehicle during the hotter, summer months. However it is vital to use the system all year round, not only will this help with keeping moisture out of the cabin and prevent condensation build up on the inside of the glass during winter months, it will also help to keep the system lubricated and operating at its best.

For Advice or to Book in your Vehicle for air conditioning service or repair

At S & K Autos our reputation is built on trust and honesty and we recently became the most highly recommended independent garage in the country through Which? Local – something of which we are immensely proud. We have a good relationship with our many satisfied customers, which is founded on our core values of excellence, commitment, honesty and keeping our customers’ best interests at the forefront of everything we do.

Our aim is to offer you the best possible service, advice and peace of mind when you entrust your car to us.

For your convenience we offer:-

  • Free courtesy cars, or free collection and delivery*.
  • A clear, detailed invoice and explanation of all work carried out.
  • To keep the parts removed from your vehicle for you to see.

We will not undertake work without your approval and we maintain very competitive rates on both labour and parts.

Our technical staff answer the phones and are always available to discuss your requirements and offer the best advice.  If you’ve not used us before, then why not contact us and find out why we have built such a good reputation?

Please either:-


If you require a free courtesy car* please let us know at the time of booking

*Terms and conditions apply

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